Richard Simmons Denies Involvement In Pauly Shore’s Biopic


Richard Simmons has made it clear that he is not associated with an upcoming biopic featuring Pauly Shore, which has recently been given the green light for development. Despite previous discussions between Pauly and Richard’s team, the fitness guru’s representative emphasized that the project is not authorized and that Richard may not even be aware of its existence at this point.

Key Takeaway

Richard Simmons has reiterated that he is not associated with the upcoming biopic featuring Pauly Shore, emphasizing that the project is not authorized and does not align with his vision for sharing his story.

Pauly Shore’s Unsanctioned Project

Pauly Shore had expressed a desire to have Richard’s blessing for the biopic, but it seems that Richard’s stance remains unchanged. While Pauly is enthusiastic about the project, Richard’s representative stated that there will be a time when Richard will want to share his story, but Pauly’s endeavor does not align with that vision.

Last year, Pauly had revealed his intentions to pitch the biopic to Richard, and now, reports indicate that the biopic is in development at The Wolper Organization, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. However, details about other contributors to the project remain unclear at this time.

Richard Simmons' Absence and Pauly Shore's Portrayal

Richard Simmons has been absent from the public eye for several years. Although Pauly Shore is set to portray him in a short film titled "The Court Jester," premiering at The Sundance Film Festival, it is evident that Richard is not involved in the biopic.

Speculation and Connections

Given the remarkable nature of Richard Simmons' story, there is speculation that the biopic could be a potential contender for prestigious awards. Despite the longstanding connection between Pauly and Richard, including Richard's acquaintance with Pauly's late mother, Mitzi Shore, it appears that they are not collaborating on this particular project.