Richard Simmons Gives Blessing To Pauly Shore’s Biopic


Richard Simmons has surprised everyone by giving his approval to Pauly Shore’s unauthorized biopic, just days after expressing his disapproval of the project. At the Sundance Film Festival, Pauly Shore shared a video of Richard texting him earlier in the day, wishing him “good luck” with the screening of the short film that will eventually become the full movie version of Richard’s life. This unexpected turn of events has left many people wondering about the change of heart.

Key Takeaway

Richard Simmons has surprisingly given his blessing to Pauly Shore’s biopic, despite previously expressing disapproval. This unexpected turn of events has sparked speculation about the reasons behind Richard’s change of heart.

Richard’s Change of Heart

After previously stating on Facebook that he had never given permission for the biopic and warning people not to believe everything they read, Richard Simmons seems to have had a change of heart. This comes as a surprise to many, considering his strong disapproval of the project just a few days ago. Pauly Shore’s revelation of Richard’s text expressing good luck has sparked speculation about the reasons behind this sudden shift in attitude.

Respect for Richard’s Privacy

The Wolper Organization, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. developing the film, has expressed their respect for Richard’s desire for privacy. They have emphasized their intention to produce a movie that honors and celebrates Richard, while also telling a dramatic story. Despite the initial disapproval, it seems that there is still hope for a positive outcome regarding Richard Simmons’ portrayal in the biopic.