Pauly Shore’s Response To Richard Simmons Disavowing Biopic Film


Pauly Shore, the actor, responds to Richard Simmons’ disapproval of the biopic film about his life. Shore is in Salt Lake City for the Sundance Film Festival and was questioned about the controversial movie.

Key Takeaway

Pauly Shore responds to Richard Simmons’ disapproval of the biopic film, expressing confidence that Simmons may change his mind in the future and assuring a respectful portrayal in the movie.

Pauly’s Perspective

Shore believes that Simmons may change his mind about the biopic in the future. He emphasizes that his intention is not malicious and promises to portray Simmons accurately. He is confident that once Simmons sees the short film that the biopic is based on, he will approve of the portrayal.

Assurance of Respectful Portrayal

Shore assures that the portrayal of Simmons will be done with respect and justice. He believes that both he and Simmons have a strong fan base and suggests that a comeback for both of them would be well-received.

Final Thoughts

Pauly Shore questions why it would be wrong to give the audience what they desire. He acknowledges Simmons’ current disapproval but remains optimistic about the future.