Ric Flair Takes Tackle From UFC’s Michael Chandler: WWE Legend Shows He’s Still Got It


In a surprising turn of events, WWE legend Ric Flair found himself on the receiving end of a tackle from UFC star Michael Chandler. The altercation, which took place at a bar, quickly went viral on social media, leaving fans shocked and intrigued.

Key Takeaway

WWE legend Ric Flair and UFC star Michael Chandler staged a viral altercation, showcasing their entertaining skills and surprising fans. Despite initially appearing as a real feud, the incident was revealed to be a planned performance, highlighting Flair’s mentorship and Chandler’s preparation for future UFC bouts.

Trash-Talk Turns Violent

The encounter between Flair and Chandler initially started as a playful exchange of words. However, things quickly escalated, and the situation took a violent turn. In footage circulating online, the 74-year-old Flair can be seen demonstrating his trademark charisma and wit, while the 37-year-old Chandler responds with a slap and a double leg takedown.

More Than Meets the Eye

While many speculated that there might be genuine animosity between the two, it turns out that the altercation was all part of a planned “work.” According to Chandler, Flair was actually teaching him the art of performance, showcasing his expertise in entertaining the crowd even in unexpected situations.

Unlikely Duo, Unexpected Connection

Interestingly, Flair and Chandler have a history beyond this viral incident. The duo has previously collaborated on commercials for Car Shield, a partnership that highlights their shared passion for captivating audiences. In fact, they have another commercial set to release in the coming week, further proving their camaraderie despite their different career paths.

Preparing for the Ultimate Showdown

Chandler, widely regarded as a lightweight contender in the UFC, is expected to face off against Conor McGregor in 2024. With such a high-stakes fight on the horizon, it seems Flair was the perfect mentor to help Chandler prepare for the challenge ahead. The Nature Boy’s legendary presence and ability to engage the crowd undoubtedly served as valuable training for Chandler as he gears up to take on one of the biggest names in the sport.