Themba Gorimbo Finds Sentimental Value In Gym Couch Despite New Home From The Rock


UFC star Themba Gorimbo, who recently received a new apartment from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has revealed that he will still be sleeping on the couch at his gym. Despite the generosity of The Rock, Gorimbo expressed his attachment to the couch, stating, “It belongs to me.” He went on to explain that during his fight camp, he plans to return to the gym and sleep on the couch.

Key Takeaway

Despite receiving a new apartment from The Rock, UFC star Themba Gorimbo plans to continue sleeping on the couch at his gym due to its sentimental value.

Gorimbo made it clear that he is grateful for the apartment that The Rock provided for him and his family earlier this year. However, the gym couch holds sentimental value for him, as it represents where he started his UFC career before his partnership with the WWE legend.

The extent of The Rock’s support for Gorimbo still astonishes him, especially considering his financial struggles, with only $7 to his name. Gorimbo sees the assistance he received from The Rock as a blessing from God.

Gorimbo’s appreciation for The Rock’s support has fueled his determination to become a UFC champion. However, it has also made him a target among other fighters. Nevertheless, Gorimbo remains undeterred, and he is eagerly anticipating his next fight in December.

In addition to his fighting career, Gorimbo has his sights set on a new mission in his home country of Zimbabwe. He intends to contribute to the restoration of vision for the elderly and provide eye care services.