Michael Chandler Challenges Conor McGregor At Monday Night Raw


The worlds of UFC and WWE collided in a spectacular fashion on Monday night as Michael Chandler, a prominent UFC star, made a surprise appearance at Raw. The electrifying event saw Chandler deliver a passionate promo, taking direct aim at none other than the notorious Conor McGregor.

Key Takeaway

Michael Chandler’s dramatic appearance at Monday Night Raw and his direct challenge to Conor McGregor have set the stage for a compelling showdown, underscoring the growing synergy between UFC and WWE.

Chandler’s Epic Promo

Addressing the packed crowd at the Hondo Center, Chandler boldly called out McGregor, expressing his frustration at the delay in their potential showdown. In a fiery declaration, he urged McGregor to return to the Octagon, emphasizing that there is unfinished business between them.

Chandler’s unexpected appearance and bold words have sparked immense excitement and speculation within the combat sports community. The crossover between UFC and WWE, facilitated by their shared ownership under TKO Group Holdings, has opened up new and thrilling possibilities for fans.

Unfinished Business

Despite their stint as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter” and the tentative scheduling of a fight in Las Vegas on June 29, the anticipated clash between Chandler and McGregor is yet to materialize. However, Chandler’s emphatic call-out at Monday Night Raw has reignited the fervor surrounding this potential matchup, indicating that the rivalry is far from over.