Michael Chandler Ventures Into The Tequila Industry With Ownership Stake In ‘Hiatus’


UFC fighter Michael Chandler is making waves in the liquor industry with his latest business endeavor. Chandler, known for his competitive rivalry with Conor McGregor, has recently announced that he is now a part owner of the premium tequila brand, Hiatus.

Key Takeaway

UFC fighter Michael Chandler has purchased an ownership stake in Hiatus Tequila, a premium brand that aligns with his authentic values.

Teaming up with Kris DeSoto, the founder of Hiatus Tequila, Chandler’s investment in the company marks an exciting new chapter in his career. With a shared passion for tequila, Chandler aims to bring Hiatus to the glasses of people around the world.

Describing Hiatus as “tequila for tequila people,” Chandler emphasizes the brand’s commitment to authenticity and staying true to oneself. The partnership between Chandler and Hiatus was a natural fit due to their shared values.

Chandler recognizes the success that athletes and entertainers have achieved in the liquor industry, with Conor McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey being a notable example. With his investment in Hiatus, Chandler hopes to replicate that success and take the brand to new heights.

As for his fighting career, Chandler has been inactive for a year since his last bout against Dustin Poirier in November 2022. However, he remains optimistic about the future and believes that he will face McGregor in the first quarter of 2024.

During his hiatus, Chandler has been studying McGregor’s past fights and current interviews. Despite acknowledging McGregor’s dangerous skills and past accomplishments as a former champion, Chandler is not underestimating his opponent.

With his entrance into the tequila business, Michael Chandler is diversifying his portfolio and pursuing new ventures outside of the octagon. As fans eagerly await the Chandler-McGregor showdown, it’s clear that Chandler’s career is branching out into exciting and unexpected territories.