Picket Fences’ Child Star Adam Wylie Faces Alleged Shoplifting Incident At Target


Former child actor Adam Wylie, best known for his role as Zachary on the ’90s TV show “Picket Fences,” found himself in a troubling situation. Wylie was recently caught allegedly shoplifting at a Target store in Burbank, California.

Key Takeaway

Former child actor Adam Wylie, known for his role on “Picket Fences,” was caught shoplifting at a Target store. He was cited for petty theft after attempting to leave the store without paying for various health and beauty products, along with other items. Wylie’s promising acting career from his childhood has now been overshadowed by this unfortunate incident.

Caught in the Act

The incident occurred on Friday the 13th, when the loss prevention team at the Target store noticed Wylie taking health and beauty products from a display shelf. Witnesses stated that he then proceeded to load these items, along with other unrelated products, into a shopping cart.

Engrossed in his illegal activities, Wylie attempted to deceive the self-checkout system by scanning only some of the items from his cart. However, store security quickly apprehended him as he tried to exit with the unpaid merchandise.

The Fallout

Upon inspection, the recovered items totaled a value of $108. Burbank police arrived at the scene and cited Wylie for petty theft. Fortunately for him, he was later released.

Adam Wylie’s acting career took off during his time on “Picket Fences,” where he portrayed the beloved character of Zachary, the son of Sheriff Brock. He also appeared in the popular film “Kindergarten Cop,” as well as the Disney Channel film “Under Wraps.” In 2002, he made his Broadway debut in the renowned musical “Into the Woods.”

Wylie has been keeping busy in recent years, showcasing his talents as a magician. However, this time, his alleged sleight of hand failed to go unnoticed.