JFK Assassination Relics And Grassy Knoll Fence Items Up For Auction


Items related to the historic assassination of President John F. Kennedy are currently up for auction, offering a rare opportunity for history enthusiasts to own a piece of this infamous event that took place 60 years ago. Included in the auction are objects tied to the controversial grassy knoll area and even relics connected to the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Key Takeaway

An auction is currently underway, showcasing a range of items connected to the JFK assassination. These include a section of the grassy knoll fence, a window from the Texas School Book Depository, and personal artifacts belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald. This auction provides a rare opportunity for history enthusiasts to own a piece of this significant event in American history.

The Infamous Grassy Knoll Fence

One of the most intriguing items up for sale is a section of the wooden picket fence that stood behind the “grassy knoll” on the day of the assassination. This particular spot has been a subject of much speculation, with numerous eyewitnesses claiming to have heard gunshots originating from there. The fence, which overlooked the Presidential parade route, is believed to hold important historical significance.

Window from the Texas School Book Depository

The auction also includes a window from the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the fatal shots at JFK. This artifact provides a tangible link to the location where the tragic event unfolded, serving as a chilling reminder of that fateful day in history.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Relics

Among the items on offer are personal belongings belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald. These include his first handgun, which he sold to his brother for a mere $10, and a receipt for a phone call made from jail just one day after JFK’s assassination. It is a stark reminder of the tumultuous and swift events that followed the tragic death of the President, culminating in Oswald’s own demise while in custody.

Insights into JFK’s Life

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of President John F. Kennedy before his presidency, there is an opportunity to acquire his personal diary from 1945. This artifact offers unique insights into the man who would later lead the United States and provides a glimpse into the experiences and thoughts that shaped his worldview.

The auction is scheduled to close on November 8, so prospective bidders are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their chance at owning a piece of this historical event.