JFK Assassination Memorabilia Fetches High Prices At Auction


In a recent auction held by RR Auction, several items connected to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have fetched significant sums from avid collectors and history enthusiasts. While many of the items sold for impressive prices, one particular artifact stands out – swatches of bloodstained leather from the interior of the infamous limousine.

Key Takeaway

Swatches of bloodstained leather from the limousine in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated have sold for an impressive $46,865 at an auction held by RR Auction. This sale, along with others of significant items connected to the assassination, highlights the enduring fascination that collectors have with JFK and his tragic death.

Preserving a Dark Piece of History

The auction featured two large patches of leather that were meticulously cut from the inside of the car in which President Kennedy was fatally shot. These patches were not only stained with blood but were also saturated with the bodily fluids of the late president. Despite their grim origins, these pieces of history attracted immense interest and sold for an astonishing final price of $46,865.

A Glimpse into the Past

Other items offered at the auction include personal belongings associated with key figures involved in the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald’s personally-owned revolver fetched $31,000, adding another layer to the complex narrative surrounding the event. Furthermore, the bullet fired by Jack Ruby at Oswald sold for an impressive $18,000.

Among the more unusual items up for auction was a section of the picket fence from the infamous grassy knoll, a site that has been at the center of numerous conspiracy theories regarding the assassination. This peculiar piece of history commanded a remarkable price of $13,740.

Another intriguing highlight was Oswald’s jail phone call receipt, providing a glimpse into his desperate attempts to contact an attorney in New York before his untimely demise. The receipt, which he had paid for shortly before being shot, adds another layer of intrigue to the events surrounding his arrest.

Unending Fascination

The enduring fascination with the JFK assassination is evident in the high prices that collectors are willing to pay for items associated with this historic event. These sales demonstrate the unwavering interest and dedication that some individuals have towards preserving pieces of this renowned chapter in American history.