Patrick Mahomes’ High School Baseball Signed Auction


A baseball signed by Patrick Mahomes during his high school days is set to hit the auction block, with expectations of fetching a five-figure sum. The ball, which also features signatures from other players of the Whitehouse H.S. Wildcats, was recently discovered at a thrift store in Rockwall, Texas.

Key Takeaway

A baseball signed by Patrick Mahomes during his high school days, along with other players from the Whitehouse H.S. Wildcats, is expected to fetch a five-figure sum at an upcoming auction. This underscores the enduring appeal of sports memorabilia, particularly items associated with notable athletes from their formative years.

High School Memorabilia

The baseball, dating back to the 2013-14 season, bears the autographs of six players, with Mahomes’ signature prominently displayed alongside his jersey number, “#5.” The auction for the item, hosted by Leland’s, has already commenced with an initial bid of $2,500. However, industry insiders suggest that the final sale price could soar to $10,000 or more.

Notable Precedent

While the idea of a high school baseball commanding such a price may seem surprising, it’s not unprecedented. In 2020, a baseball signed by Mahomes and his Whitehouse teammates during the same period was sold for an impressive $6,510. Moreover, the allure of high school memorabilia has been demonstrated by the sale of a baseball autographed by Michael Jordan during his high school years, which fetched a staggering $36,000.

The bidding for the Mahomes-signed baseball will conclude in less than two weeks, offering enthusiasts and collectors a chance to acquire a unique piece of sports history.