Offset Denies Blueface’s Accusation Of Sleeping With Chrisean Rock


Rapper Blueface has made a bold claim, accusing Offset of sleeping with Chrisean Rock. However, both Chrisean and Offset are denying the allegation. This accusation comes amidst Offset’s ongoing feud with his wife, Cardi B.

Key Takeaway

Rapper Blueface has accused Offset of sleeping with Chrisean Rock, leading to a public feud. However, both Offset and Chrisean have denied the allegations. This situation unfolds amidst ongoing difficulties between Offset and Cardi B, with Cardi B hinting at potential problems in their relationship.

Blueface’s Allegation and Chrisean’s Response

The feud between Blueface and Chrisean has escalated, with the latest issue revolving around their child. Blueface had previously announced that the child was not his after allegedly receiving confirmation. In a tweet, Blueface mentioned Offset and Cardi B, stating, “Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex, you literally slept with Cardi B’s husband a couple of weeks ago. I’m tired of guys looking at me while they’re with you. Get rid of the rest of them ASAP, please.”

Chrisean responded to Blueface, denying the accusation. However, Blueface countered with specific dates and times, claiming that Chrisean had slept with Offset on November 10th at 4 am at their house in LA.

Offset Denies the Accusation

Offset has now joined the conversation, denying the allegation made by Blueface. In response to one of Blueface’s tweets, Offset stated, “I never talked to or touched that lady. Seriously, man, you need some help!” Blueface then replied, “If the truth brings you down, you’re leading a shameful life. I feel bad for you, because I would never lie about something like that. If I did it, I would admit it.”

Additional Claims and Cardi B’s Involvement

Amidst all of this drama, Chrisean has also made other accusations against Blueface, including claiming to have seen his recent internet search history, which allegedly included gay porn. Blueface has denied these claims as well, stating that Chrisean is making things up.

Interestingly, the accusations come at a time when Offset and Cardi B’s relationship appears to be strained. Cardi B has been hinting that she may be done with Offset, even going as far as referring to him as “dead weight” and unfollowing him on social media.

While Cardi B has not responded directly to these accusations, it is possible that she may address them in the near future.