New Footage Reveals The Aftermath Of The Poop Plane Incident


A shocking video has emerged on Twitter, offering a glimpse into the aftermath of the infamous “poop plane” incident that took place on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona. The footage, posted by a user named “Xansby Swanson,” shows the horrifying scene that passengers were met with upon landing back in the United States. It is a truly messy and unpleasant sight.

Key Takeaway

A shocking video has surfaced, providing a firsthand look at the aftermath of the “poop plane” incident. The footage reveals the extent of the mess left behind on the Delta flight, highlighting the urgent need for immediate action. Despite the potential humor surrounding the incident, the airline recognized the seriousness of the situation and took appropriate measures to protect the well-being of its passengers.

The Mess Left Behind

As the video begins, the viewer is taken down the aisle of the airplane, documenting the aftermath of the incident. What is immediately evident is the trail of liquid feces that stretches across the floor. Cabin crew members can be seen attempting to clean up the mess with paper towels, but it becomes clear that their efforts are futile. The sheer extent of the damage is overwhelming.

According to a Twitter user who claims their little brother was aboard the flight, the situation was both alarming and strangely humorous. They recall their brother’s phone call, during which he described the incident as “the funniest thing he’s ever experienced.” While undoubtedly a nightmare for anyone in close proximity to the disaster zone, it seems that those watching from a distance found some amusement in the situation.

A Serious Biohazard

Despite the potential humor surrounding the incident, it is important to recognize that Delta took the matter seriously. With air traffic control audio revealing that this was seen as a biohazard in the making, swift action was taken. The decision was made to turn the plane around and ensure the safety of all passengers on board. Unfortunately, by the time the plane could land, the damage had already been done.

The newly leaked video serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected incidents that can occur during air travel. It also emphasizes the importance of the airline industry’s commitment to passenger safety and the swift response necessary when faced with unanticipated challenges. While the “poop plane” incident may have provided some laughs from afar, it undoubtedly left those directly involved with an unforgettable, and likely unpleasant, story to tell.