Karol G’s Terrifying Experience: Emergency Landing In L.A. After Plane Fills With Smoke


Karol G encountered a frightening incident on Thursday when the private plane she was on filled with smoke during the flight, leading to an emergency landing in Los Angeles. The Grammy-winning singer was one of 16 individuals aboard the private jet, which departed from Hollywood Burbank Airport in the evening, as reported by ABC News.

Key Takeaway

Karol G and 16 others experienced a midflight scare as their private plane filled with smoke, leading to an emergency landing in Los Angeles. Despite the dramatic situation, everyone on board appeared to be physically unharmed.

Midflight Emergency

The aircraft initially flew east but made a turnaround at Cajon Pass, approximately 70 miles away, after the pilot notified of smoke in the cockpit. Subsequently, the plane headed back to the nearby Van Nuys Airport, where it made an emergency landing on the runway. Fortunately, everyone on board appeared to be physically unharmed, and the plane touched down safely amidst the dramatic situation.

The Aftermath

Following the landing, fire crews promptly responded to the runway, guiding the jet to a designated parking area. The passengers then disembarked through the exit door, descending a flight of stairs. Among them was Karol G, who was seen conversing on her cell phone as she made her way off the aircraft. Notably, the plane bore Karol’s distinctive arm tattoo of a barbed-wire heart.

Seeking Comments

Efforts have been made to reach out to Karol G and the Federal Aviation Administration for their comments on the incident, but no response has been received thus far.