New Allegation: Will Smith Rep Denies Accusation Of Inappropriate Behavior With Duane Martin


Will Smith‘s team has strongly denied a recent allegation made by a man named Brother Bilaal, who claims to be a former friend/assistant to the actor. In an interview with Tasha K, Bilaal alleged that he witnessed Will Smith and Duane Martin engaging in sexual activity in a dressing room years ago.

Key Takeaway

Will Smith’s representative has emphatically denied the allegation of inappropriate behavior with Duane Martin, labeling it as completely fabricated. It is uncertain if the individual making the claim had any legitimate connection to Will Smith. The actor is reportedly considering legal action in response to the remarks.

Denial and Legal Action

A representative for Will Smith categorically denied the allegation, stating that the story is completely fabricated and unequivocally false. The representative further revealed that Will is considering taking legal action against Brother Bilaal for his remarks.

It is important to note that Brother Bilaal’s connection to Will Smith remains unclear, and it is still uncertain whether he had any legitimate association with the actor.

Recent Public Attention

This allegation has come at a time when Will Smith’s personal life has been in the spotlight. Last month, his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, shocked the world with revelations in her new book. She disclosed that she and Will had been living separate lives since 2016, a fact that surprised her when she heard Will refer to her as his wife at The Oscars.

Duane Martin, the other party involved in this allegation, has not yet publicly addressed the claim made by Brother Bilaal. Duane’s divorce from Tisha Campbell Martin was finalized in 2020 after a turbulent legal process that began in 2018.