NBA Player Haywood Highsmith Sued Over Car Accident Resulting In Severe Injuries


The 21-year-old Alekxei Pino has filed a lawsuit against NBA player Haywood Highsmith, alleging that Highsmith’s negligent driving led to a car accident causing severe injuries, including the amputation of Pino’s leg.

Key Takeaway

NBA player Haywood Highsmith faces a lawsuit after a car accident resulting in severe injuries to 21-year-old Alekxei Pino, who has filed a lawsuit seeking damages for the incident.

The Lawsuit

Alekxei Pino filed the lawsuit in Florida, claiming that he was assisting a stranded motorist when Highsmith’s 2021 Audi A5 struck him at a high speed, resulting in the amputation of his leg above the knee. Pino also sustained other significant injuries and has undergone multiple medical procedures as a result of the accident.

Legal Action and Recovery

Pino’s attorney, Manuel Dobrinsky, stated that his client is currently in the hospital and faces a long road to recovery. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, estimated to exceed $50,000, while Pino’s family has also initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise $100,000 to support his rehabilitation.

Incident Details

According to police reports, the accident occurred shortly after the Miami Heat’s game, with Highsmith cited for careless driving. While authorities ruled out drugs and alcohol, they suggested that Highsmith may have been distracted by unknown circumstances at the time of the incident.

Response from the Miami Heat

Following the crash, the Miami Heat expressed sympathy for those injured. Highsmith missed a game after the accident but later returned to play for the team.