‘AGT: Extreme’ Stunt Gone Wrong: Jonathan Goodwin Sues NBC Over Negligence


Jonathan Goodwin’s Lawsuit Alleges Negligence by NBC in ‘AGT: Extreme’ Stunt

‘AGT: Extreme’ contestant Jonathan Goodwin is taking legal action against NBC, claiming that the network failed to prioritize safety on the show’s set, resulting in a near-fatal incident. Goodwin, whose daring stunt went horribly wrong, is seeking damages for the gruesome injuries he sustained during the performance.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Goodwin, a contestant on ‘AGT: Extreme,’ is suing NBC, alleging that the network prioritized spectacle over safety, leading to the severe injuries he suffered during a stunt.

Claims of Safety Concerns in Stunt Performances

In a recently obtained lawsuit, Jonathan Goodwin alleges that NBC and the show’s producers continually escalated the level of stunts in order to captivate audiences. However, he argues that this quest for higher ratings came at the expense of safety precautions. Goodwin claims that the production company cut corners in ensuring the well-being of contestants who were performing extreme stunts.

According to the legal documents, Goodwin contends that ‘AGT: Extreme’ exerted control over the design and execution of the stunts, ultimately jeopardizing the safety of those involved. His own experience during an October 21 rehearsal at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia exemplifies this, as he suffered catastrophic injuries.

A Life-Threatening Incident

During the rehearsal, Goodwin faced a harrowing accident that could have cost him his life. Two cars exploded, causing him to be crushed and burned before plummeting over 20 feet to the ground. In the aftermath, he suffered a dislocated spinal cord, lost his left kidney, and sustained third-degree burns. Furthermore, his legs, ribs, and shoulders were fractured in the violent fall.

A video of the ill-fated stunt emerged, capturing the moment when Goodwin, suspended in the air, attempted to free himself from a straightjacket as two swinging cars collided. The impact resulted in Goodwin being trapped between the vehicles, leading witnesses on set to fear the worst.

The Ongoing Impact and Claims of Negligence

Almost two years after the incident, Goodwin states that he continues to experience profound physical, mental, and emotional suffering from the life-altering accident. He alleges that ‘AGT: Extreme’ failed to adhere to industry safety standards and hired unqualified personnel to oversee and design the stunt. Goodwin emphasizes that the performance was not properly tested using a crash dummy before his participation.

In response to the lawsuit, NBC has yet to provide any official comment or statement.

Jonathan Goodwin’s legal action against NBC sheds light on the importance of maintaining safety in high-risk performance shows such as ‘AGT: Extreme.’ As the case progresses, it raises questions about the responsibility of networks and production companies to prioritize the welfare of contestants over generating audience excitement.