Lamar Odom Involved In Early Morning Car Crash, Damaging Mercedes-Benz


Lamar Odom, former NBA player, found himself in a car crash in the early hours of the morning, causing considerable damage to his Mercedes-Benz and two parked cars. The incident occurred when Odom was driving home from a friend’s place in Northridge and dropped his phone inside his vehicle.

Key Takeaway

Lamar Odom was involved in a car crash in the early morning hours, resulting in significant damage to his Mercedes-Benz and two parked cars. Despite the impact, Odom escaped uninjured. He cooperated with the authorities and owners of the damaged vehicles, providing his insurance information. The LAPD did not suspect any alcohol involvement and did not perform a sobriety test. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of focusing on the road at all times, even for experienced drivers.

Crash Details

At approximately 3 AM on Monday, Lamar Odom lost control of his car while trying to retrieve his dropped phone. As a result, he collided with two parked cars located on the residential street near his home. The impact was significant enough for the airbags in Odom’s Mercedes to deploy, but fortunately, he emerged from the accident without any injuries.

Lamar Odom’s Response

Though shaken up by the incident, Lamar Odom assured authorities that he was sober and had not been drinking. Interestingly, he mentioned to the responding LAPD officers about his commitment to sobriety and ownership of rehab facilities. The police did not conduct a field sobriety test but instead focused on gathering information about the accident.

Exchanging Information

Lamar Odom cooperated fully with the owners of the damaged cars, providing them with his insurance details. Fortunately, no one was inside the parked cars when the collision occurred. After the exchange of information, Odom’s damaged Mercedes was towed away, and he was driven home by his security team. The LAPD did not file an official police report as everyone involved in the accident had cooperated and exchanged the necessary information.