Rapper Russ’s Home Burglarized, Guns And Girlfriend’s Car Stolen


Rapper Russ has fallen victim to a home burglary in Georgia, in which several valuable items were stolen, including firearms and his girlfriend’s luxury car. The incident took place in the early hours of Friday morning, prompting the artist to contact the Roswell Police Department.

Key Takeaway

Rapper Russ’s home in Georgia was burglarized, resulting in the theft of firearms and his girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz. The incident occurred while Russ was away, but he cooperated with the police remotely. The stolen items included five guns, two designer purses, and the luxury car, valued at a significant amount. Law enforcement officers are currently investigating the case utilizing surveillance footage.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement officers discovered that the front door was open and the house had been completely ransacked. Unfortunately, the burglars had already made their escape. Fortunately, Russ was not present during the burglary, but he assisted the police remotely through a FaceTime call.

During the virtual tour of the house, Russ informed the officers that five firearms were missing from his collection. The stolen guns included two Glock 19s, a CZ Scorpion, and two Walther handguns, all of which were 9mm firearms. Additionally, the thieves took two designer purses, both from Chanel. One of the purses was pink and valued at $15,000, while the other was black and had an estimated value of $9,000.

Authorities reviewed the surveillance footage, which revealed that two individuals had entered the house via the basement patio door at approximately 10:15 PM on Thursday. They were observed leaving the property around midnight, carrying backpacks and suitcases. The burglars had taken precautions by wearing gloves and jackets, making it difficult for the police to identify them at this time.