Lamar Odom Takes Over New Mexico Rehab Center To Aid Drug Crisis


Lamar Odom, the former NBA star, has taken on a new endeavor in the fight against drug addiction. He has recently acquired a rehab facility in New Mexico and is determined to revamp it to provide support to those affected by the drug crisis.

Key Takeaway

Lamar Odom has taken over a New Mexico rehab center with the aim of transforming it into a vital resource for individuals grappling with drug addiction, further expanding his impact in the realm of addiction treatment and recovery.

Pastor’s Gift

The property was initially left to New Mexico Pastor Anthony Torres by its previous owner, with the intention of establishing a treatment center. However, facing challenges in securing funding, Pastor Torres turned to Lamar Odom, recognizing his involvement in the establishment of rehab centers in the past. After inspecting the property, Lamar received the generous gift from the pastor, who envisioned the facility as a sanctuary for individuals struggling with fentanyl addiction.

Expanding Reach

The property, previously owned by the American Legion, is now under the management of Lamar’s Odom Recovery Group. This initiative adds to Lamar’s existing network of addiction treatment facilities, including Restoration Recovery in Sacramento, Compassions in Laguna Hills, Inner Minds Health in San Bernardino, and Vanity Wellness Center in Woodland Hills. Lamar’s dedication to addressing addiction-related challenges is evident through his extensive involvement in various communities.

Diverse Impact

Lamar’s efforts extend beyond addiction treatment, as he has ventured into the field of dentistry with his latest project, Oxy Dental. His personal struggles with addiction have fueled his commitment to supporting others in their journey towards recovery, making his involvement in such initiatives truly inspiring.