Mind-Blowing Development: Malika Andrews Obtains Restraining Order Against Alleged ESPN Talent Harasser


Malika Andrews, a talented ESPN on-air personality, has taken legal action to protect herself and her colleagues from a man who has been harassing and threatening them. Last week, she filed for a restraining order against the individual, Ahmed Abubakar, who has been making their lives a nightmare for almost a year.

Key Takeaway

Malika Andrews, an ESPN on-air talent, has obtained a restraining order against Ahmed Abubakar, who has been harassing and threatening her and other ESPN personalities. The order aims to ensure their safety by keeping Abubakar at a distance while legal proceedings take place.

Unsettling Communication

In September 2022, Abubakar began sending messages to Andrews. Initially, his actions seemed like those of an overzealous fan, but they quickly escalated into threatening and harassing behavior. The situation became even more disturbing when Abubakar managed to obtain Andrews’ unlisted phone number and proceeded to make numerous unwelcome calls.

A Pattern of Harassment

Andrews is not the only ESPN talent who has been targeted by Abubakar. Stephen A. Smith and “First Take” host Molly Qerim have also experienced similar harassment. In fact, Abubakar was arrested in August for showing up unannounced at Qerim’s Connecticut home.

Fear for Safety

In her request for a temporary restraining order, Andrews revealed that Abubakar recently traveled to ESPN’s Los Angeles facility in an attempt to make contact with her, Smith, and Qerim. These incidents have caused her to fear for her safety and the safety of her fiancé, ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin.

Legal Action and Tightened Security

Seeking to protect themselves, Andrews and her colleagues asked a judge to order Abubakar to stay at least 100 yards away from them. The temporary restraining order was granted shortly after her filing. A hearing is scheduled for later this month to address the matter further.