Matthew McConaughey Granted Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker


Matthew McConaughey, the renowned actor, has recently been granted a 5-year restraining order against a woman who has been harassing him for years. The woman had even shown up at one of his book events, prompting McConaughey to take legal action to ensure his safety and the safety of others present.

Key Takeaway

Matthew McConaughey has been granted a 5-year restraining order against a woman who has been harassing him for years. The order comes after the woman showed up at one of his book events and had been bombarding him with letters and lawsuits.

The Court’s Decision

On Thursday, a judge in court granted the restraining order, even though the woman was not present during the hearing. She had requested a continuance, but the judge had already granted her additional time and found no good reason to delay the proceedings further.

According to legal documents filed by McConaughey, the alleged stalker had been bombarding him with “unhinged letters, emails, and frivolous lawsuits designed to lure me into court” since April 2022. She also had a delusional belief that the two were in a relationship.

The Escalation

Things escalated further when McConaughey discovered that the woman had purchased a ticket to one of his children’s book events in Los Angeles. This revelation alarmed him, as she had planned to travel a considerable distance just to see him. Knowing that children and families would be present at the event, McConaughey decided to take action to keep everyone safe.

The woman did attend the event as planned, but she was promptly greeted by the authorities and escorted out.

The Restraining Order

With the recent court decision, the alleged stalker will be prohibited from coming anywhere near Matthew McConaughey for the next 5 years. This restraining order aims to provide him with the necessary protection and peace of mind. McConaughey’s representative declined to comment on the court’s decision.