Miley Cyrus’ Alleged Stalker Arrested For Showing Up At Her House With Stuffed Animal


Miley Cyrus found herself in a troubling situation when a man reportedly showed up at her Los Angeles home with a stuffed animal, leading to his arrest. The individual in question, 52-year-old Alexander Karddalian, was taken into custody in the early hours of Friday morning near Miley’s residence. This incident comes after Miley had previously obtained a restraining order against Karddalian for a similar occurrence last year, demanding that he stay away from her.

Key Takeaway

Miley Cyrus’ alleged stalker, Alexander Karddalian, was arrested for violating a restraining order after showing up at her house with a stuffed animal. This incident marks an ongoing issue for Miley, who has been dealing with the individual’s unwanted attention since 2018.

Alleged Violation of Restraining Order

Law enforcement sources revealed that Miley and her associates had suspected the individual to be someone she had encountered before, and their suspicions were confirmed. Karddalian was reportedly attempting to present Miley with a stuffed animal at her front gate before being intercepted by Miley’s security team, who detained him until the LAPD arrived. Karddalian was subsequently arrested and booked for violating the court order that prohibited him from approaching Miley.

History of Encounters

This is not the first time Miley has dealt with Karddalian, as she has claimed to have been facing his unwelcome attention since 2018. Furthermore, it was noted that Karddalian had previously served time in San Quentin before allegedly appearing at Miley’s residence following his release in 2022.

Thankfully, Miley Was Unharmed

Fortunately, Miley was at home during this latest incident, but she did not come into direct contact with the individual. Her security team managed the situation, ensuring her safety.