Flavor Flav Recounts Miley Cyrus Playfully Slapping Him For Mistaken Identity


Flavor Flav found himself on the receiving end of a playful slap from Miley Cyrus after mistakenly calling her Gwen Stefani. The incident, which occurred several years ago, was recently recounted by the Public Enemy rapper on the “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast.

Key Takeaway

Flavor Flav recounted a lighthearted encounter with Miley Cyrus, where he mistakenly called her Gwen Stefani, leading to a playful slap and subsequent laughter between the two.

Embarrassing Mix-Up

During the podcast, Flavor Flav revealed that he had encountered Miley Cyrus, who at the time sported a similar haircut to Gwen Stefani. Excited to meet Gwen, Flavor Flav approached Miley and began praising her for her work, unaware of the mistaken identity. It was only later that a friend informed him of the mix-up, leading him to apologize to Miley for the confusion.

A Playful Encounter

Despite the initial mix-up, Flavor Flav and Miley Cyrus laughed off the incident, with Miley even jokingly slapping him when he mentioned knowing her and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. The two reconciled and even shared a lighthearted moment backstage at the Grammy Awards this year.

Good Spirits

Although the mistaken identity may still be on Miley’s mind, the encounter between Flavor Flav and Miley Cyrus ended on a positive note, showcasing their ability to move past the humorous mix-up.