Adam Silver: NBA Takes A Backseat Amid Josh Giddey Police Investigation


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed the ongoing investigation involving Oklahoma City Thunder player Josh Giddey, stating that the league is currently taking “a backseat” in light of the police probe. The NBA will allow law enforcement to conduct their investigation before deciding on any further actions regarding Giddey’s status as a player.

Key Takeaway

The NBA has adopted a cautious approach towards the Josh Giddey police investigation, allowing law enforcement to conduct their due diligence before taking any action. Commissioner Adam Silver emphasized that the league defers to criminal investigations and does not typically suspend players based solely on allegations.

During an interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews on Friday, Silver acknowledged the situation without delving into specific details. He emphasized that it is rare for the league to suspend a player based solely on allegations and mentioned that the NBA defers to criminal investigations, taking a secondary role.

The allegations against Giddey arose last month when images were shared on a user’s account, seemingly showing the 21-year-old player with an underage girl. The Newport Beach Police Department then confirmed that they were looking into the matter. Following that, the girl’s family enlisted the help of renowned attorney Gloria Allred to support their case.

Notably, despite the ongoing investigation, Giddey has been allowed to continue playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Commissioner Silver indicated that this is in line with the NBA’s consistent approach when there is an ongoing criminal investigation. The league takes a backseat and awaits the conclusion of the police inquiry before making any decisions.