Michigan State University Initiates Process To Terminate Mel Tucker’s Contract Amid Harassment Scandal


Michigan State University (MSU) has taken decisive action following the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against its suspended football coach, Mel Tucker. In light of the accusations made by rape survivor and activist Brenda Tracy, Michigan State University has formally informed Tucker of its intention to terminate his contract for cause.

Key Takeaway

  • Michigan State University has initiated the process to terminate Mel Tucker’s contract in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations made against him by Brenda Tracy.
  • The university’s decision to terminate Tucker’s contract is separate from the ongoing Office for Civil Rights case.
  • Tucker has denied the allegations, but the university has decided to proceed with the termination process, highlighting its commitment to addressing the serious nature of the accusations.
  • Harlon Barnett has taken over as the interim coach for the Spartans.

Allegations and Suspension

The allegations against Mel Tucker involve unsolicited sexual comments and masturbation during a phone call in April 2022, which prompted Tracy to file a formal Title IX complaint. Following an investigation, Tucker was suspended on September 10.

Tracy’s claims prompted Michigan State University to initiate internal inquiries into the matter. The administration and board of the university have expressed their support for the decision to terminate Tucker’s contract, signaling their commitment to address the serious nature of the allegations.

The Termination Process

Vice President Allen Haller stated that Tucker has been provided with a written notification outlining the university’s intention to terminate his contract. Tucker now has a seven-day window to present his case and challenge the decision.

It is crucial to note that Michigan State University’s action to terminate Tucker’s contract does not conclude the ongoing Office for Civil Rights case. The university remains fully involved in the rigorous process associated with the case, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring a thorough investigation takes place.

Tucker’s Response and Denial

Tucker, who signed a lucrative $95 million deal in 2021, vehemently denies any wrongdoing. While admitting to having an intimate relationship with Tracy, Tucker claims that she initiated the conversation with comments of her own. He has also suggested that the allegations are nothing more than an attempt by Tracy to revive her career.

Despite Tucker’s denial, Michigan State University has taken a firm stance in response to the allegations and has decided to proceed with the termination process.

Current Interim Coach

Harlon Barnett has assumed the role of interim coach for the Spartans following Tucker’s suspension. The team recently faced a disappointing loss to Washington, further adding to the challenges the football program is currently navigating.