Michigan State Football Coach Mel Tucker Denies ‘Completely False’ Sexual Harassment Allegations


Suspended Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker has responded to the sexual harassment allegations made by rape survivor and activist Brenda Tracy, calling them “completely false” and an attempt to revive her career. Tucker, who has been accused by Tracy of making unwanted sexual comments and engaging in inappropriate behavior during a phone call in April 2022, claims that the proceedings initiated by Tracy lack fairness. He alleges that the scheduled university hearing is deeply flawed and denies any wrongdoing.

Key Takeaway

Mel Tucker, the suspended Michigan State football coach, strongly denies the sexual harassment allegations made by Brenda Tracy. He claims that Tracy’s allegations are false and lacking in fairness. Tucker acknowledges having an intimate relationship with Tracy but asserts that any adult conversations between them were consensual. He also alleges that Tracy accepted gifts, payments, and donations, calling into question the motives behind her allegations. Tucker criticizes the university’s investigation, suggesting ulterior motives and a lack of fairness. He hopes that people will withhold judgment until all the facts come to light.

Tucker’s Personal Relationship with Tracy

Tucker acknowledges developing an intimate, adult relationship with Tracy following her first visit to Michigan State University in the summer of 2021. The coach states that they engaged in late-night phone calls and shared personal information about each other. However, Tucker notes that Tracy initiated many of these conversations. He confirms the occurrence of the April 2022 phone call but asserts that it was a mutual private event between two consenting adults living far apart.

Tracy’s Alleged Acceptance of Gifts and Donations

Tucker claims that Tracy welcomed their developed relationship and even requested and accepted personal gifts, payments, and donations for her non-profit organization. He also mentions that Tracy maintained communication with him, including wishing him a happy Father’s Day months after the phone call. Tucker’s response aims to challenge and dispute Tracy’s allegations by presenting a different perspective on their relationship.

Potential Motives Behind the Investigation

In his statement, Tucker raises concerns about the fairness and impartiality of the investigation. He suggests that the university’s actions might be rooted in a desire to rectify the mishandling of the Larry Nassar scandal or be influenced by ulterior motives like race or gender. Tucker firmly believes that the investigation has not been conducted objectively and questions the validity of the allegations against him.