Michael Jackson Estate Resolves $1 Million Dispute Over Alleged Stolen Property


Michael Jackson’s estate has reached a settlement in a legal dispute over the alleged theft of valuable items worth $1 million from the late singer’s Carolwood estate. The settlement was reached with Jeffré Phillips, who was accused of taking numerous belongings belonging to Michael Jackson in 2009, shortly after the singer’s death.

Key Takeaway

The settlement has been reached between Michael Jackson’s estate and Jeffré Phillips in the

million dispute over alleged stolen property. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.

The terms of the settlement have been kept confidential. However, it is important to note that Michael Jackson’s estate had sought the court’s assistance in recovering the stolen property.

Allegations of Theft

In what was a shocking revelation, Michael Jackson’s estate claimed that Jeffré Phillips, who was once engaged to one of MJ’s siblings, had taken advantage of the chaos and sadness surrounding the singer’s death. It was alleged that Phillips used this opportunity to steal a significant amount of private and personal items from MJ’s Carolwood home.

The estate further alleged that Phillips had intended to sell the stolen items, prompting them to seek legal action to prevent any such sale from taking place.

Value of the Stolen Items

The property that Michael Jackson’s estate claimed had been stolen by Phillips included a range of valuable items. These items included laptops, iPods, hard drives, DVDs, and CDs, believed to contain exclusive MJ performances and unreleased concert footage.

In addition to these electronics, the estate stated that Phillips had also taken handwritten notes with song lyrics, cassette tapes, personal computers, framed record awards, a Michael Jackson doll, and a photo album featuring MJ on the cover.

Settlement Reached

After what was likely an intense legal battle, Michael Jackson’s estate and Jeffré Phillips have come to a settlement. Although the specific details of the settlement remain confidential, the resolution of the dispute signifies that both parties have reached an agreement.

This settlement brings closure to the legal dispute surrounding the alleged theft of valuable items from Michael Jackson’s estate. While the specifics of the settlement may never be publicly disclosed, it provides a resolution to the estate’s efforts to recover the stolen property.

With this chapter of the Michael Jackson estate saga now closed, the focus can shift back to the incredible legacy that the late singer left behind.