Slipknot Faces Lawsuit Over Drummer Joey Jordison’s Estate


Slipknot, the popular heavy metal band, is currently entangled in a legal battle following allegations that they exploited the death of their former drummer, Joey Jordison. The company responsible for managing Jordison’s estate has filed a lawsuit against the band, accusing them of leveraging the late musician’s belongings for their own gain by showcasing them in a traveling museum.

Key Takeaway

Slipknot is facing legal action over claims of exploiting the death of their former drummer, Joey Jordison, with allegations of leveraging his belongings and using his passing to boost album sales.

Exploitation of Joey Jordison’s Death

The lawsuit contends that Slipknot sought to capitalize on Jordison’s passing in 2021 to bolster sales of their 2022 album, “The End, So Far.” It alleges that following Jordison’s death, the album’s sales were not meeting expectations. In response, band members Corey Taylor and Michael Shawn Crahan purportedly informed fans that the album was dedicated to Jordison and that the realization of his demise deeply influenced its creation.

Furthermore, the company managing Jordison’s estate asserts that Taylor and Crahan falsely claimed to have reached out to Jordison’s family to offer condolences after his passing. The lawsuit also delves into historical tensions, alleging that Jordison was abruptly dismissed from the band via email while he was grappling with acute transverse myelitis, a condition that led to the loss of function in his left leg.

Unresolved Property Dispute

According to the legal filing, Jordison and Slipknot had previously agreed to return all of his property, including musical gear and equipment. However, the company alleges that this agreement was not honored, with at least 22 items, such as Jordison’s masks, iconic Pearl drum set, and Adidas sneakers, remaining in the possession of the band. It is claimed that some of these items are part of the display in the band’s traveling museum, known as Knotfest.

Legal Response

In response to the lawsuit, Slipknot has submitted its own legal documents, refuting the allegations and seeking the dismissal of the lawsuit.