Juice WRLD Lawsuit: Producer PD Beats Accuses Juice WRLD Estate And Dr. Luke Of Withholding Royalties


New Lawsuit Claims Non-Payment of Producer Royalties

In a recent development, a lawsuit has been filed against the Juice WRLD estate and producer Dr. Luke, accusing them of failing to pay producer royalties. The lawsuit was brought forth by Pierre DeJournette, also known as PD Beats, who alleges that he co-wrote one of Juice WRLD’s hit songs and is seeking his rightful share of the profits.

Key Takeaway

A lawsuit has been filed against the Juice WRLD estate and producer Dr. Luke, alleging their failure to pay producer royalties. The plaintiff, PD Beats, claims to have co-written the hit song “Not Enough” and is seeking recognition and compensation for his work.

The song in question is “Not Enough,” which was released posthumously as part of Juice WRLD’s album “Fighting Demons” in 2021. PD Beats, along with Dr. Luke and others, is credited as a writer on the track. However, PD claims that despite his repeated attempts to be recognized as a co-author and receive compensation for his work, he has been ignored.

PD Beats has decided to take legal action, not only against Juice WRLD’s estate but also against Interscope Records and KBeazy, who are believed to have contributed to the track. He believes that everyone involved is being paid, except for him.

The success of “Not Enough” on streaming platforms, with over 59 million plays on Spotify alone, highlights the enduring popularity of Juice WRLD’s music even after his untimely death in 2019. PD Beats aims to officially establish his status as a co-writer and receive a fair share of the profits by seeking legal recourse.

No comments have been received yet from Interscope Records regarding the lawsuit.