BMW Seeks Repossession Of Kroy Biermann’s Rolls-Royce Due To Missed Payments


BMW, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, has taken legal action to reclaim possession of a Rolls-Royce from former NFL linebacker Kroy Biermann. The company claims that Biermann has failed to make payments for over a year, prompting them to pursue repossession. Although BMW previously filed for a writ of possession several months ago, Biermann has not responded within the stipulated timeframe.

Key Takeaway

BMW is seeking permission from the court to retrieve a Rolls-Royce that Kroy Biermann allegedly has not paid for, signaling the company’s determination to resolve the matter.

The ongoing legal dispute between BMW and Biermann came to light in June when the carmaker sued him for allegedly missing lease payments on a luxurious SUV priced at $400,100. According to court documents, Biermann owed $5,297.64 per month from July 2020 to July 2023, amounting to a significant sum of $190,715.04. BMW contends that Biermann’s last payment was made in September 2022.

It is worth noting that Biermann’s financial struggles have intensified due to his divorce from Kim Zolciak. Both parties are facing dire financial circumstances and recently requested a halt to the foreclosure of their mansion. They argue that proceeding with the scheduled November 7 auction would cause irreparable damage to their marital estate. As an alternative, they have listed the property for sale at $6 million in hopes of generating funds before it is seized by the bank.

BMW’s Determination to Resolve the Issue

In light of Biermann’s failure to address the payment issue, BMW is seeking intervention from the court to reclaim the Rolls-Royce. Should the judge grant permission, the car manufacturer would exercise its right to repossess the vehicle, asserting its commitment to resolving the outstanding financial dispute.

The outcome of this legal battle remains uncertain as Biermann’s apparent disregard for his payment obligations casts a shadow over his financial status. As the courtroom drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how the former NFL player and his ex-wife will navigate these challenging circumstances.