Kroy Biermann Ordered To Give Up His Rolls-Royce In BMW Repo Case


Kroy Biermann Ordered to Surrender Rolls-Royce in BMW Repo Case

Key Takeaway

Kroy Biermann has been ordered to surrender his leased Rolls-Royce to BMW after failing
to respond to a repo case brought against him. His inaction has resulted in a default judgement
in favor of the car manufacturer, allowing them to repossess the vehicle.

Biermann’s Failure to Respond Results in Loss of Luxury Car

In a recent development in the repo case against former NFL player Kroy Biermann, a judge has ruled in favor of BMW, ordering Biermann to surrender his leased Rolls-Royce. Biermann’s failure to respond to the lawsuit has led to a default judgment against him, allowing BMW to repossess the vehicle.

According to court documents, BMW alleged that Biermann had been ghosting them on payments for the luxury car, which he had been leasing since 2020. The company filed a lawsuit seeking to reclaim the vehicle after Biermann stopped making payments.

The judge’s order instructs Biermann to hand over the Rolls-Royce to law enforcement in Fulton County, where he resides, so that BMW can take possession of it. With no defense presented by Biermann throughout the case, it remains uncertain how he will handle the situation. It is likely that a tow truck will soon arrive at his residence to remove the car.

BMW claimed that Biermann had entered into a 3-year lease agreement with them, which began in 2020 and was set to end in 2023. The monthly payments amounting to $5,297.64, summing up to a total of $190,000. However, BMW alleged that Biermann had completely stopped making payments, with the last payment received in September 2022.

Biermann’s attorney previously acknowledged that he is facing financial difficulties due to his ongoing divorce with reality TV star Kim Zolciak. Their financial troubles extend beyond the repo case, as they are also dealing with the potential foreclosure of their fancy house. They are attempting to sell the property to resolve their financial situation.

Given the current circumstances in Biermann’s life, losing the Rolls-Royce seems to be just another challenge. It remains to be seen how he will respond to the repo order and manage his financial affairs moving forward.

Goodbye, luxury car!