Tom Sandoval Demands Repayment Of $90K Loan From Ariana Madix Before House Sale


Reality TV star Tom Sandoval is in a legal battle with his former partner, Ariana Madix, over the sale of their shared home. Sandoval claims that he lent Madix a substantial sum of $90,000, which she has allegedly failed to repay. He is now insisting that the loan be settled before any sale of the property proceeds.

Key Takeaway

Tom Sandoval is demanding the repayment of a $90,000 loan from Ariana Madix before agreeing to the sale of their shared property, leading to a legal showdown between the former couple.

Legal Dispute Unfolds

In response to Madix’s lawsuit to force the sale of their Los Angeles house, Sandoval has filed legal documents asserting his claim. He maintains that there is a lien on the property directly linked to the purported loan and insists that no sale should take place until this matter is resolved.

Madix, who is suing Sandoval following their breakup due to his infidelity, is seeking to sell the house and divide the proceeds. However, Sandoval is vehemently opposing this course of action, emphasizing the need for Madix to address the outstanding loan.

Offer to Buy Out

Notably, Sandoval has recently made an offer to buy out Madix, proposing a $3.1 million cash deal to acquire her share of the property. Despite this, the situation appears to be escalating into a contentious legal dispute, with both parties standing their ground.