Ariana Madix Unimpressed With Tom Sandoval And James Kennedy’s BravoCon Push-Up Contest


Ariana Madix, one of the stars of “Vanderpump Rules,” was not entertained by the push-up contest that took place between Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy at BravoCon. While the event was filled with excitement, Ariana’s reaction spoke volumes.

Key Takeaway

Ariana Madix’s disinterest in the push-up contest between Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy at BravoCon highlighted the lingering tension and unresolved issues within the “Vanderpump Rules” cast.

The Macho Man Contest

During BravoCon in Las Vegas, Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy found themselves on stage, being asked about their impressive physiques by host Andy Cohen. Tom attributed his fitness to his dedicated workout routine and healthy lifestyle choices, while James boasted about his time at the gym and proudly displayed his well-toned abs. This led to James challenging Tom to a push-up contest.

Ariana’s Displeasure

Sitting in the audience, Ariana Madix watched the two men engage in their push-up contest, but her expression told a different story. Clearly unimpressed, Ariana turned away from Tom and James, expressing her dissatisfaction by saying, “Jump scare…I needed a trigger warning.” She tried her best to concentrate on the screen behind her, attempting to avoid looking at her co-stars.

The Cheating Scandal

It is worth noting that Tom had cheated on Ariana during the previous season of “Vanderpump Rules” with Rachel Leviss. This indiscretion had caused strain in their relationship, making Ariana’s reaction to the push-up contest understandable. Rachel Leviss, who was not invited to BravoCon and is no longer on the show, became a point of contention for the couple.

Moving Forward

As the push-up contest continued and James emerged as the winner, Ariana decided to shift the focus by offering to answer questions from fans. Undoubtedly, the cringe-worthy moment highlighted the unresolved issues between the “Vanderpump Rules” cast members.