New BravoCon Drama: Tom Sandoval Booed, But Defended By Lala Kent


In a surprising turn of events at BravoCon, Tom Sandoval, known for his appearances on “Vanderpump Rules,” was met with a chorus of boos from the audience. The convention, held in Las Vegas, showcased various panels and events featuring Bravo reality stars. Despite the negative reception, Sandoval had one notable defender by his side – Lala Kent.

Key Takeaway

Tom Sandoval faced a barrage of boos from the audience at BravoCon, but he remained unfazed and powered through the panel. Lala Kent, a fellow ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star, defended Sandoval, urging the crowd to show respect. This surprising show of support indicates a possible shift in Kent’s perspective on Sandoval’s actions.

The Chorus of Boos

As the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ panel took the stage, Tom Sandoval faced a less than enthusiastic welcome from the audience. The boos echoed in the air, but Sandoval remained unfazed. He confidently addressed the crowd and continued to answer questions, even amidst playful hissing and jeering. Embracing his villainous persona, Sandoval proved that he can handle the criticism.

Unfinished Business and Seating Arrangements

Sources at BravoCon reported that Sandoval and his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix, were seated far apart during the panel. However, this was not a deliberate decision by either party. Apparently, Bravo organizers randomly placed them, possibly assuming there is still tension between the two due to past infidelity issues.

Lala Kent Comes to Sandoval’s Defense

During the Q&A panel, Lala Kent stood up for Tom Sandoval in front of the entire crowd. She urged everyone to show respect for Sandoval, highlighting the fact that he showed up to the event and continues to pursue his musical endeavors despite facing backlash. This support from Kent is surprising considering her previous criticisms of Sandoval during the show’s reunion, where she referred to him as a narcissist.

A Change of Heart?

It seems that Lala Kent’s opinion of Tom Sandoval has evolved over time. While she had been outspoken about his actions in the past, she now appears to be in his corner. The two have had a close friendship on the show for years, so perhaps Kent has grown tired of the constant outrage surrounding Sandoval, a sentiment shared by many others. It appears that the Scandoval duo might be losing some support from their fellow castmates.