Matthew Perry’s Playful ‘Mattman’ Posts Were Not A Cry For Help, Says Friend


Amidst the wild conspiracy theories surrounding the recent “Mattman” posts by Matthew Perry before his untimely death, a friend has come forward to debunk the notion that they were a cry for help. Athenna Crosby, the mystery brunette seen dining with Perry the day before his passing, has revealed that the late “Friends” star had a genuine passion for Batman and playfully referred to himself as “Mattman,” with his car being humorously dubbed the Batmobile.

Key Takeaway

Matthew Perry’s “Mattman” posts on social media before his death were not indicative of a cry for help, according to a friend who dined with him the day prior. The playful references to Batman were a reflection of Perry’s playful nature and love for the character, rather than a hidden message about his well-being.

Crosby, who had gotten to know Perry over the past few months, states that he was a lighthearted and fun-loving individual. She asserts that the conspiracy theory suggesting Perry was sending subliminal messages about his safety through his superhero-themed social media posts is completely unfounded. Crosby emphasizes that Perry’s “Mattman” persona was simply a manifestation of his nerdy side, and fans who are reading too much into it are going down a rabbit hole of baseless speculation.

Last Friday, the 25-year-old model and entertainment reporter shared a meal with Perry at the Hotel Bel-Air, only to be devastated by the news of his passing a day later. Crosby reiterates what has been previously reported: Perry was exceedingly optimistic and in high spirits leading up to his death, with numerous projects awaiting him.

In the wake of Perry’s untimely demise, speculation has run rampant. Crosby, while acknowledging that she can only speak from her personal experience, firmly believes that his death was a tragic accident. Despite the ongoing rumors and theories, Crosby stands by the fact that Perry’s “Mattman” posts were purely a reflection of his playful personality and had no deeper hidden meaning.