Memorial For Matthew Perry Sets Up Outside NYC’s ‘Friends’ Apartment Building


A memorial for the late Matthew Perry has emerged outside the iconic ‘Friends’ apartment building in New York City. Located in the West Village, the building served as the exterior shot location for the apartment where Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Rachel lived.

Key Takeaway

A memorial honoring Matthew Perry has been created outside the real-life ‘Friends’ apartment building in New York City, where fans are leaving bouquets of flowers and heartfelt notes to commemorate the beloved actor.

While the actual interior scenes were filmed on a Hollywood set in Burbank, California, this New York City location, situated at the corner of 90 Bedford Street and Grove Street, holds immense significance for fans of the show.

Visitors have been leaving an abundance of flower bouquets at a light post near the building, which are now accumulating into a sizable and poignant display. Alongside the flowers, handwritten letters and notes expressing gratitude for Matthew’s iconic portrayal on ‘Friends’ can be seen.

The organic emergence of this memorial reflects the profound impact that Matthew Perry’s sudden death has had, not only on the entertainment industry but also on fans around the globe.

Despite sporadic gatherings at the site, there is no formal vigil confirmed at this time. As the investigation into Perry’s untimely passing continues, many questions regarding the circumstances surrounding his drowning in a home hot tub remain unanswered.

Currently, the autopsy results are inconclusive, and Perry’s body is awaiting collection by his family. The anticipation of an official funeral is growing.

While his former castmates have not yet publicly addressed Perry’s passing, there are indications that they will share their thoughts and memories soon.