Matthew Perry’s Foundation Warns Of Crypto Scam After X Account Hack


The Matthew Perry Foundation has issued a warning after the actor’s X account was hacked by scammers attempting to orchestrate a deceptive crypto donation scheme through a fraudulent website. The foundation has taken swift action to address the situation and regain control of the official social media accounts.

Key Takeaway

The Matthew Perry Foundation warns the public about a crypto scam after the actor’s X account was hacked, urging caution and emphasizing the legitimacy of for donations.

Foundation’s Response

On Monday, the foundation posted on Instagram, alerting followers to the hacking of Matthew Perry’s X page and the redirection of users to a fraudulent site soliciting donations via cryptocurrency. They emphasized that the only legitimate website associated with the foundation is and cautioned against trusting or donating to any other sources.

Scammer Identity and Impact

The identity of the scammers behind the fraudulent post remains unknown. It is also unclear how many individuals may have donated through the deceptive link and the extent of potential financial losses. The foundation confirmed the removal of the misleading post from X.

The Matthew Perry Foundation

The Matthew Perry Foundation was established in memory of the late actor to provide support to those battling addiction, a cause that held significant importance to him. Matthew Perry openly shared his personal struggles with alcohol and opioid addiction, documenting his journey to sobriety in his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.”