Mariah The Scientist Defends Sexyy Red And Reveals Young Thug’s Boredom Cure


Defending Sexyy Red

When asked about the leaked sex tape, Mariah The Scientist advised Sexyy Red to consider exploring legal options if it is determined to be an act of revenge porn. Showing her support, Mariah emphasizes the importance of addressing such incidents and taking appropriate action to protect oneself.

Key Takeaway

Mariah The Scientist shows her unwavering support for Sexyy Red amidst the sex tape controversy. She encourages Sexyy to consider legal action if necessary, emphasizing the importance of addressing revenge porn. Mariah also dismisses Akademiks’ interference in women’s personal lives and reveals Young Thug’s newfound obsession with Candy Crush as a boredom cure.

While some may have their own opinions on the matter, Mariah firmly believes that it is not for others to pass judgment or impose restrictions on who one should date. She dismisses Akademiks’ advice to Sexyy Red, calling it unwarranted and unnecessary interference in women’s personal lives.

The Boredom Cure

Varied Opinions

While Akademiks took a rather abrasive stance on the matter, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Fatboy SSE, for instance, holds a different perspective. He believes that any man privileged enough to engage in intimate activities with a woman has a responsibility to preserve the privacy and trust that comes with it.