Fat Joe: Rappers Shouldn’t Be Held Accountable For Art, It’s Freedom Of Speech


Rap icon Fat Joe recently voiced his support for fellow rapper Young Thug, who is currently facing a RICO trial where his lyrics are being used as evidence. In a recent interview, Fat Joe argued that rappers should not be held accountable for their art, as it is a form of freedom of speech.

Key Takeaway

Fat Joe defends the artistic freedom of rappers, arguing that their lyrics should not be used against them in criminal cases. He believes that hip hop is a storytelling vehicle, comparable to fictional books and movies, and emphasizes the importance of freedom of speech in artistic expression.

The Power of Imagination and Storytelling in Hip Hop

Fat Joe, who hails from the Bronx, spoke passionately about the inherent creative nature of hip hop. He emphasized that the genre serves as a storytelling vehicle, comparable to fictional books and movies. According to Fat Joe, the lyrics of a rapper are a product of their imagination and should not be misconstrued as admission of actual criminal acts.

Addressing the ongoing RICO trial involving Young Thug, Fat Joe expressed his belief that prosecutors are attempting to incriminate the rapper by highlighting generic lyrics. He firmly stated that he never intends to deceive the audience with his music, but rather uses it as an emotional outlet, reflecting his experiences and emotions.

Rappers Should Not Face Censorship or Imprisonment for Artistic Expression

With regards to freedom of speech, Fat Joe firmly asserted that it should not come with prison sentences or the censorship of art. He drew a parallel with other art forms, such as movies, and questioned the double standard. Fat Joe pointed out that filmmakers like Martin Scorsese are not held accountable for the violent scenes depicted in their movies, and thus rappers should be afforded the same creative freedom.

Standing in Solidarity with Young Thug

Fat Joe expressed his support for Young Thug and his belief in his innocence. He expressed concerns that the prosecution’s use of lyrics as evidence could set a dangerous precedent for future cases involving artists and their creative expression. Fat Joe emphasized that he does not want to see Young Thug face the consequences for the fictional narratives he portrays in his music.