Fat Joe Admits To Lying In 95% Of His Songs And Defends Young Thug Amid RICO Trial


In a shocking revelation, rapper Fat Joe has admitted to fabricating the majority of his lyrics, stating that he has lied in almost 95% of his songs. During a CNN special report, Joe defended fellow rapper Young Thug, highlighting the discrepancy between rap lyrics and reality.

Key Takeaway

Fat Joe has confessed to lying in the majority of his rap songs, emphasizing the artistic and fictional nature of the genre. His admission highlights the need for a careful interpretation of lyrics, especially when used as evidence in legal cases. This revelation also bolsters the ongoing efforts to protect rappers from legal prosecution solely based on their creative expressions.

The Art of Fiction

Throughout his 30-year career in the rap industry, Fat Joe has built a successful persona based on imagination rather than real-life experiences. With his “Don Cartegena” alter ego, the Bronx rapper has boasted about crimes he never committed. In his own words, Joe said, “I write like I feel that day. I’m just being creative. You couldn’t build a jail high enough for the lyrics I’ve said on songs, which are all untrue.”

This candid admission sheds light on the storytelling nature of rap music, where artists often blur the lines between reality and fiction. Joe’s revelation also raises questions about the authenticity and credibility of rap lyrics as a true reflection of an artist’s life.

Defending Young Thug

During the interview, Fat Joe used his personal experience to defend Young Thug, who is currently facing a RICO trial. Joe criticized the prosecutors for taking lyrics that they know are fictional and using them as evidence against Thug. This highlights a growing issue within the hip-hop community, where artists face legal consequences based on their creative expressions.

Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, also argued in court that his client’s stage name is an acronym for “Truly Humble Under God” and denied any hidden gang meanings in his lyrics. This case brings into question the interpretation of rap lyrics and the need for a more nuanced understanding of the art form.

Fighting for Change

For years, Fat Joe has been at the forefront of the fight against legal persecution of rappers based on their lyrics. He played a significant role in advocating for the “Rap Music On Trial” bill in New York. This ongoing push for legislation aims to protect artists from prosecution solely based on their creative expressions.

Similar efforts are being made by other rappers, such as Bobby Shmurda, who is pushing for similar bills to be passed in Georgia. These initiatives would greatly benefit artists like Young Thug and provide a more balanced and fair approach to interpreting rap lyrics within the legal system.

In a world where the lines between reality and fiction are often blurred, it is important to approach rap lyrics with a critical mindset. As listeners, we must understand that artists often use their craft as a means of storytelling and self-expression, rather than providing a literal account of their lives. The ongoing legal battles faced by rappers like Young Thug underscore the need for a balanced and nuanced understanding of rap music within the legal system.