New Beginnings: Sexyy Red Announces Pregnancy


Breaking news in the music world! Superstar rapper, Sexyy Red, has just announced that she is expecting a child, adding a new chapter to her already remarkable story. With the support of fellow artist SZA, Sexyy shared the exciting news with her fans and followers over the weekend, finally revealing a secret she had been carefully hiding.

Key Takeaway

Sexyy Red, the talented rapper, has pleasantly surprised her fans by announcing her pregnancy. Despite keeping it a secret by strategically hiding her baby bump, she’s now ready to embrace this new chapter in her life. With the support of fellow artists and a thriving career, she’s ready to take on the challenges and joys of motherhood.

A Hidden Journey

Despite her recent success and hectic schedule, it seems that Sexyy Red has been concealing her growing baby bump by strategically sucking in her stomach. Even during her electrifying performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this month, she was determined to keep her pregnancy under wraps. It’s clear that she didn’t want anything to interfere with the momentum of her breakout year.

Expecting the Unexpected

While the exact due date hasn’t been disclosed, fans weren’t entirely surprised by the news of Sexyy’s pregnancy. Despite just completing a nationwide tour with Drake, it seems that she’s ready to embrace this new stage in her life. The announcement adds a layer of excitement to her already thriving career.

A Clearing of Rumors

Sexyy Red has been in the spotlight recently regarding rumors of her involvement in a leaked sex tape that gained viral attention. However, she has denied any responsibility for the leak, making it clear that it’s unrelated to her pregnancy. Though, one can’t help but wonder how she will eventually explain the situation to her child when they are old enough.

A Supportive Network

Thankfully, Sexyy Red is not navigating this journey alone. With the backing of artists like SZA, Mariah The Scientist, and Nicki Minaj, who helped her achieve her first Billboard entry earlier this year with a remix of her hit song “Pound Town,” she has a strong support system surrounding her.

As we eagerly await the arrival of her bundle of joy, one thing is for certain – Sexyy Red is ready to conquer it all, both on and off the stage. Congratulations to the soon-to-be mom! We wish her all the best in this exciting new journey.