Sexy Red Endorses Donald Trump For President, Citing Controversial Reasons


Sexyy Red, the rapper known for her hit song “Pound Town,” has made headlines by officially endorsing former President Donald Trump for a potential return to office. In a recent appearance on Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” podcast, Sexyy expressed her support for Trump and his controversial actions during his previous term as president.

Key Takeaway

Rapper Sexyy Red has endorsed Donald Trump for a potential return to office, overlooking his past controversial remarks and focusing instead on policy choices such as clemency and stimulus checks. She also appreciates the entertainment value that Trump brought to the White House, including his unfiltered and bold statements.

Forgiving Past Remarks

Despite Trump’s history of making racially insensitive and misogynistic comments, Sexyy Red chose to overlook these incidents and focus on other aspects of the former president’s time in office. She applauded Trump’s granting of clemency and pardons to numerous inmates, which she believes resonated with the Black community.

Stimulus Checks and Entertainment Value

Another reason cited by Sexyy Red for her endorsement of Trump was the stimulus checks issued during his presidency. She claimed that these financial relief measures were well-received within the community, emphasizing the appeal of receiving “free money.”

In addition to policy-related reasons, Sexyy Red also praised the entertainment value that Trump brought to the White House. She even highlighted a particular moment when he publicly referred to someone as “fat,” expressing her enjoyment of his bold and unfiltered nature.

While some politicians, like Chris Christie, may not share Sexyy Red’s views, her commentary has gained significant traction and support among Trump’s fanbase on social media.

Chief Keef, another prominent figure in the music industry, recently acknowledged Trump’s influence and suggested that if convicted in his ongoing civil fraud case, Trump would be the one running the prison yard. With multiple legal battles ahead, Donald Trump’s return to the political spotlight remains uncertain.