Donald Trump’s Appearance At UFC 296 Steals The Show


Former President Donald Trump made a notable appearance at UFC 296, but it wasn’t the action in the octagon that caught his attention. Instead, his focus shifted to a bikini-clad ring girl, drawing attention away from the intense fights.

Key Takeaway

Donald Trump’s attendance at UFC 296 garnered attention, but his focus on a ring girl overshadowed the fights. The event featured intense matchups and notable celebrity presence, creating a memorable evening for all in attendance.

Trump’s Support for Colby Covington

Trump attended the event to show support for UFC fighter Colby Covington, a vocal supporter of the former president. However, despite Covington’s efforts, he faced defeat by decision in the main event against Leon Edwards.

Covington’s Reaction and Political Commentary

In response to the outcome, Covington expressed his discontent, drawing parallels to the controversial 2020 election and delving into political commentary. He emphasized the need for border security, reduced inflation, and prioritizing America’s interests, while endorsing Trump for a potential 2024 presidential run.

Celebrity Presence and Memorable Moments

Besides Trump, the event also attracted other notable figures such as Mark Wahlberg, Jared Leto, Mario Lopez, Theo Von, Jack Black, Kyle Gass, and Zac Brown. The audience witnessed intense moments, including Josh Emmett’s powerful knockout of Bryce Mitchell, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators.