Arnold Schwarzenegger Doubts Donald Trump’s Reported Weight Of 215 Pounds


Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned actor and former governor of California, is casting doubt on Donald Trump’s reported weight. During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Arnold expressed his skepticism, suggesting that Trump’s actual weight may be significantly higher than the claimed 215 pounds.

Key Takeaway

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his dedication to fitness, expressed skepticism about Donald Trump’s reported weight of 215 pounds. While offering weight loss advice in a humorous manner, Arnold implied that Trump’s actual weight could be significantly higher based on his own visual assessment. This adds to the ongoing discussion surrounding Donald Trump’s appearance and the accuracy of his reported weight.

Weight Guessing and Fitness Advice

Before offering his estimation, Arnold humorously provided Trump with some weight loss advice, jokingly suggesting that going for a jog would be beneficial. The audience chuckled at the one-liner, highlighting Arnold’s well-known commitment to physical fitness.

When Jimmy Kimmel inquired about the accuracy of Trump’s reported weight according to Fulton County jail records, Arnold responded sarcastically, implying that Trump may have mistakenly entered a lower number. In his eyes, the difference could be as significant as a 2 being interpreted as a 3.

The Legal Situation

As many are aware, Donald Trump surrendered to Fulton County authorities in August after being charged with allegedly attempting to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. The booking documents noted that Trump, a 77-year-old with either blond or strawberry hair, stands at 6’3″ and weighs 215 pounds.

Interestingly, it is worth mentioning that bags of McDonald’s were delivered to a New York court during Trump’s ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial. While it’s unclear if Arnold had this information when making his weight guess, it certainly adds an interesting twist to the topic.