Peyton Manning Expresses Shock As Arnold Schwarzenegger Feeds Donkey On Live TV


Peyton Manning, the legendary Hall of Fame quarterback, had quite the unexpected reaction when Arnold Schwarzenegger fed his pet donkey, Lulu, during their Manningcast show on ESPN. The awkward moment took place in front of millions of viewers during the Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Key Takeaway

Peyton Manning’s surprised reaction to Arnold Schwarzenegger feeding his pet donkey, Lulu, during the Manningcast show on ESPN provided a hilarious moment for viewers. Schwarzenegger’s love for animals and his unexpected guest appearance added an unexpected twist to the broadcast.

The Surprising Guest Appearance

As always, the Manning brothers brought in A-list guests for their show, and this time it was none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, Schwarzenegger had a surprise companion with him that left Peyton Manning completely shocked.

An Unforgettable Reaction

With calmness, Schwarzenegger fed Lulu, the donkey, saying, “Oh yes.” The look of disbelief on Peyton’s face was priceless and provided a hilarious moment for viewers. Trying to ease the tension, Eli Manning took a playful jab at his older brother, jokingly comparing the donkey to Peyton himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love for Animals

It is no secret that Schwarzenegger has a deep affection for animals. In addition to Lulu the donkey, he also has a pet pony, a pig, and several dogs. In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger explained how he and his girlfriend felt their pony Whiskey needed a companion, and that’s when they introduced Lulu into their lives.

Looking Ahead

While the surprise donkey feeding may have caught Peyton off guard, it added an unexpected and lighthearted moment to the Manningcast show. Fans can only hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger will bring both Lulu and Whiskey along for future appearances.