UFC Advertiser Attempts To Pressure Dana White Into Removing Pro-Trump Video


A prominent UFC advertiser recently made an ill-advised attempt to pressure Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, into removing a pro-Donald Trump video from his personal social media page. Unsurprisingly, White did not take kindly to this request.

Key Takeaway

Dana White vehemently refused the advertiser’s demand, asserting his right to express his own political views and emphasizing that everyone is entitled to vote for the candidate of their choice.

During a recent appearance on Theo Von’s podcast, “This Past Weekend,” White shared the shocking story with listeners. He recounted how he posted a video in support of Trump on his personal social media, only to receive a call from one of the UFC’s major sponsors demanding that he take it down.

White was unwavering in his response to the sponsor, delivering a resounding “F*** YOU!” and expressing his steadfast belief in the importance of individual autonomy when it comes to political decisions.

While White did not disclose the name of the company, it is clear that they underestimated his loyalty to Trump. White and Trump have a longstanding friendship that predates Trump’s presidential campaign by over a decade.

Regardless of his personal connection to Trump, White remains committed to a principle that seems increasingly rare in today’s politically charged climate: he refuses to involve himself in the political beliefs of others. He firmly believes that everyone has the right to their own opinions and should not be dictated to by others, be it their sponsors or anyone else.

Interestingly, Von also shared a similar story involving another guest on his show, independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. According to Von, exercise equipment manufacturer Peloton requested to have their ad removed from the episode featuring Kennedy.

This move did not sit well with Dana White either, who questioned the audacity of Peloton in opposing Kennedy’s appearance. He expressed his disdain, declaring, “F* you, Peloton. Who the f* are they? Are you f*ing kidding me? F*ing Peloton calling bitching about Robert Kennedy.”

This incident highlights the importance of free speech and the right to express one’s opinions openly, even when it may be met with opposition from sponsors or advertisers.

In conclusion, Dana White’s unwavering refusal to bow to pressure from sponsors to remove his pro-Trump video reinforces the notion that individuals have the right to express their political beliefs freely. His response serves as a reminder that everyone should be allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice without interference or intimidation.