Nikki Haley Criticized For Inconsistency In Pardoning Donald Trump


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley faced criticism in New Hampshire for her wavering stance on pardoning former President Donald Trump if he were convicted of a federal crime. During a campaign event, a young boy confronted Haley about her position, drawing attention to her perceived inconsistency.

Key Takeaway

Nikki Haley faced criticism for her inconsistent stance on pardoning Donald Trump, adding to recent controversies surrounding her campaign.

Young Adam’s Question

During a campaign event in North Conway, a young boy named Adam took the opportunity to question Haley’s stance on pardoning Trump. He referenced fellow Republican candidate Chris Christie’s accusation of Haley being a flip-flopper on the issue. The boy likened Haley’s position to that of former Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, who faced criticism for changing his stance on various issues.

Haley’s Response

In response, Haley defended her position, emphasizing her initial support for Trump and his policies. She acknowledged the criticism but maintained that Trump’s recent behavior had led her to believe he should not return to the White House. Despite the criticism, she affirmed her commitment to pardoning Trump if necessary, citing the best interest of the country.

Recent Controversies

This incident follows Haley’s recent misstep regarding the cause of the American Civil War, where she omitted the role of slavery in the conflict. Her remarks were met with widespread criticism from the media and public figures, including former CNN anchor Don Lemon.