Vivek Ramaswamy Sparks Controversy In GOP Debate, Targets Chris Christie


During the latest Republican debate, political candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made headlines with a controversial remark aimed at former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Ramaswamy took a dig at Christie’s foreign policy experience by referencing the infamous George Washington Bridge scandal, but it was his fat-shaming comment that stirred outrage.

Key Takeaway

Vivek Ramaswamy’s fat-shaming comment targeting Chris Christie during the GOP debate has sparked controversy and drawn criticism. The remark, seen as crossing the line, highlights the often heated and personal nature of political debates.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Wednesday night, Ramaswamy suggested that Christie should leave the race and enjoy a nice meal. The remark drew mixed reactions, with some applause and mostly booing from the audience. While political debates often involve heated exchanges and personal attacks, fat-shaming is widely viewed as crossing the line.

Ramaswamy Challenges Christie’s Foreign Policy Credentials

Ramaswamy’s comment about Christie’s foreign policy experience came in response to Christie defending fellow candidate Nikki Haley. Ramaswamy questioned Haley’s knowledge of specific provinces in Ukraine, and Christie came to her defense, praising her as a smart and accomplished woman. In response, Christie called Ramaswamy “the most obnoxious blowhard in America.”

The Absence of Donald Trump

Once again, frontrunner Donald Trump was missing from the debate, but his presence was still felt due to his controversial remarks leading up to the event. Trump made headlines by stating that if elected again, he would act as a dictator on the first day of his presidency. While his absence allowed other candidates to take center stage, Trump’s controversial remarks continue to dominate the news cycle.