Don Lemon Warns Americans: Nikki Haley More Dangerous Than Donald Trump


Former CNN host Don Lemon recently expressed his concerns about the potential presidential candidacy of Nikki Haley, stating that she poses a greater threat than Donald Trump.

Key Takeaway

Don Lemon has raised concerns about Nikki Haley's potential presidential candidacy, suggesting that she could be a more formidable contender than Donald Trump, citing her ambiguous stance on critical issues and her track record.

Devil You Know vs. the Devil You Don't

Lemon highlighted Haley's ambiguous stance on various issues, including her wavering position on Trump's insurrection and her track record on abortion and racism. He suggested that while the U.S. has already experienced one Trump presidency, Haley's candidacy presents a new set of uncertainties that could potentially surpass the impact of Trump's tenure.

Continued Criticism

This is not the first time Lemon has criticized Haley. He previously called her out for omitting slavery from her explanation of the cause of the Civil War. Despite Haley's subsequent apology and plea for understanding, Lemon deemed her actions hypocritical.

Political Commentary and Future Plans

Lemon's outspoken remarks come as he re-enters the public sphere following his departure from CNN. He emphasized that he is now able to freely express his opinions about various political figures, including those from the Republican party. While he expressed his aversion to the idea of Trump returning to office, he indicated that Haley could potentially pose a more significant threat. Lemon also shared his newfound respect for Chris Christie, despite their policy disagreements.